We have a dedicated team of recycling experts experienced in the handling of waste paper, metal scrap, plastics and RDF (refuse derived fuel). We are fully compliant with industry regulations, and are registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier. We offer cost effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


We are experienced in the handling of all grades from UK load points to final destinations throughout the Far East and Indian Sub-Continent.

Plastic Scrap

Products Exported include LDPE, PET and HDPE as some examples mainly to Far East destinations.

Waste Paper

Paper moves in many different grades which include mixed paper, soft mixed paper, hard mixed paper, over issued news, magazines. These are just some of the grades moved mainly to the Far East and Indian Sub-Continent.


Refuse derived fuel is made from domestic waste which includes biodegradable material. RDF is used in heat and power facilities where they produce electricity. Material moves from the UK to European destinations.