Airfreight Car Shipping

Most vehicles can be shipped by air, this will be the quickest way to get it from A to B but also the most expensive. For vehicles with high value, or is urgently required at another location, air shipment will dramatically reduce the transit time and prove to be the most secure transport mode on offer.

Porsche air freight

We are IATA members and have offices at London-Heathrow and Manchester airports, so we’re close to the airlines and staff that work for them. In most cases, your vehicle will be taken to the selected airline’s cargo terminal for pre-flight preparation and X-ray. Then loaded onto a specially-designed pallet, packaged and secured in readiness for its journey. The pallet will either be lifted or rolled into the air craft. In most cases main deck location in a designated air-freighter is recommended which will ensure maximum security and safety for the vehicle during the flight.

At the other end of the journey, the vehicle will be unpacked, taken off the pallet, cleared through customs and made ready for collection or delivery to you or to your nominated representative.