Food Products

We have a long tradition in shipping and handling food products, be it meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs or others either as fresh, dried, chilled, frozen, canned or in jars.


Perishable fresh produce is a highly specialised business and needs an extra level of care and attentions. We are experts in arranging shipping, customs clearance and delivery of these products. We have more than 30 years experience in this field and with HACCP trained staff we understand the need for speed and reliability.

We will deal with the complex documentation, certifications like CVED’s, CED’s and Certificates of Conformity and varying Duty levels, licenses and quotas which apply to different products. Our customs clearance procedure and daily contact with Port Health and DEFRA will give you a reliable and fast service which will ensure timely deliveries which ever UK port you are using.

Frozen and Chilled

Food products like chilled or frozen fish, crayfish, beef and poultry needs special attention when it comes to shipping, customs clearance and distribution to your warehouse. We have the procedures, knowledge and routines to monitor the temperature controlled reefer container on its journey from loading to delivery point. Customs classification of fish and validation of product of origin of beef and poultry can be difficult so be extra careful with the export documents to avoid customs clearance delays or even rejection in the UK.