Cargo Insurance

Protect your cargo and yourself with a Marine Cargo Insurance. Whilst we take the utmost care and attention and endower to minimise any risk to your cargo, there are risks during shipping, transportation, handling and storage of your cargo. We therefore strongly recommend that you purchase Marine Cargo Insurance to cover the value of your cargo. Shipping lines, stevedores, freight depots, hauliers and other parties are legally protected against many claims, and even if they are liable you may only receive a few pounds in compensation – almost certainly a lot less than the value of your cargo.

Don't Underinsure

You should insure your cargo for the value your cargo will have in the destination country. If you under insure the insurance company might not pay out in full if you have to make a claim.

Our services include:

  • Door to Door Cover
  • Port to Port  Cover
  • Immediate Cover
  • Issue of Policy Documents
  • Assistance with Claims Handling

We are registered with the Financial Ombudsman Service

We apply the BIFA Code of Practice for providing insurance to retail customers and are registered with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  We participates in the Voluntary Jurisdiction scheme of the Financial Ombudsman Service and is bound by their Standard Terms and other relevant provisions.  We can only insure your cargo when we have received written acceptance of quoted premium and cover terms from you.

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