Customs Brokerage

There has never been a better time to seek customs brokerage services with RJJ Freight. We will help you negotiate the tricky waters of customs clearance regulations, government legislation, import and export rules, duties and fees. We are fully AEO accredited, which means that our customs clearance procedures are audited by HMRC as being reliable and compliant.


What is the main role of a customs broker?

As a customs broker, RJJ Freight ensures that goods are cleared for import and export, all relevant customs documentation is completed fully and submitted on time, and all taxes, fees and charges are paid correctly. 

Why do you need a customs broker?

It can be challenging for individuals or businesses to handle everything associated with customs clearance of their goods themselves. Rules and regulations can differ significantly depending on country of origin, for different types of goods and transport methods. Mistakes can be costly, so in this highly specialised area it benefits to use the services of professional customs brokers like RJJ Freight. 

How our AEO accreditation can help

RJJ Freight is proud to have been awarded full AEO accreditation by HM Revenue & Customs. As an Authorised Economic Operator, we have secure and safe status within the international supply chain. AEO status recognises that our customs clearance procedures are reliable and fully compliant with government legislation. Appointing an AEO accredited customs broker means that your goods will have lower risk of an HMRC inspection.  




Can I import without a customs broker?

Yes, there is no legal requirement to work with a company that provides customs brokerage services. But in order to complete customs Declarations, you have to be able to work with relevant HMRC systems.

RJJ Freight are highly specialised Customs Brokers, with fully integrated IT systems that sync with HMRC and other government departments. This enables RJJ Freight to work efficiently within this complex area, in which even experienced individuals and businesses that import and export regularly can make costly errors. 

How much does a customs broker charge?

RJJ, like most customs brokerage experts and freight forwarders, offer quotes tailored to your exact requirements. Our fee will vary according to the type of products, its country of origin and value. There are statutory fees to consider as well, such as airline handling charges and government agency inspection fees. Various charges are also payable to UK Ports for processing and handling cargo in the port area.

Is it worth hiring a customs broker?

If you want peace of mind when you are trading overseas, it always pays to appoint a customs broker. RJJ Freight will ensure any duties get paid and your goods keeps moving. You will be reassured that  professional help is at hand, and with our support we will help to improve your knowledge of customs legislation and UK Import & Export processes.  



Please see our guides below, they will help you understand the new rules and regulations outlined in the BTOM.

How to Navigate BTOM for Meat and Poultry

How can we help

  • RJJ Freight has full AEO accreditation, which means our customs clearance processes have been audited and approved by HMRC
  • Import and export customs clearance of commercial and non-commercial goods 
  • In-depth knowledge of international customs procedures, legislation, tariffs and other requirements
  • Expert guidance on Import Duty and VAT matters
  • RJJ Freight is connected to HMRC’s NES  (National Export System) and CDS systems and all major UK Port and Airport cargo control systems
  • Electronic customs declarations are quick, reliable and competitively priced
  • Other RJJ system connections: NCTS (5), Peach, IPAFFS, Philis DES System

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Whether you are importing or exporting, we will ensure that your goods pass through UK and overseas customs procedures quickly and efficiently. Get a customs brokerage quote from us today.