Customs Brokerage

There has never been a better time to seek customs brokerage services with RJJ Freight. We will help you negotiate the tricky waters of customs clearance regulations, government legislation, import and export rules, duties and fees. We are fully AEO accredited, which means that our customs clearance procedures are audited by HMRC as being reliable and compliant.


What is the main role of a customs broker?

As a customs broker, RJJ Freight ensures that goods are cleared for import and export, all relevant customs documentation is completed fully and submitted on time, and all taxes, fees and charges are paid correctly. 

Why do you need a customs broker?

It can be challenging for individuals or businesses to handle everything associated with customs clearance of their goods themselves. Rules and regulations can differ significantly depending on country of origin, for different types of goods and transport methods. Mistakes can be costly, so in this highly specialised area it benefits to use the services of professional customs brokers like RJJ Freight. 

How our AEO accreditation can help

RJJ Freight is proud to have been awarded full AEO accreditation by HM Revenue & Customs. As an Authorised Economic Operator, we have secure and safe status within the international supply chain. AEO status recognises that our customs clearance procedures are reliable and fully compliant with government legislation. Appointing an AEO accredited customs broker means that your goods will have lower risk of an HMRC inspection.