Customs Clearance Cars

Bringing a car or bike into the UK. We have many years of experience when it comes to getting vehicles and bikes customs cleared. In the UK, all our offices are connected to CHIEF – the computer system HM Revenue & Customs uses to manage the flow of vehicles and other shipments through Britain’s ports and airports. We will manage the paperwork and customs clearance process for your vehicle both quickly and effectively.

If you bring in a vehicle permanently into the UK, HM Revenue & Customs must be notified and any VAT and Duty has to be paid within 14 days. For private individuals we can  arrange for the Notification of Vehicle Arrivals (NOVA notification). Vehicles cannot be registered or licensed if this notification has not been done.

We have full AEO accreditation by HM Revenue & Customs including “Customs Simplification and Safety and Security”. This internationally recognised accreditation certifies that our role in the International Supply Chain is Safe and Secure and that our customs clearance procedures are reliable and fully compliant with government legislations.

Our AEO status gives your vehicle priority through Customs in the UK and EU! 


Carnet de Passages en Douanes (CPD)

Cars travelling through different countries outside the EU can benefit from a carnet. A carnet is an internationally recognised Customs document entitling the holder to temporarily import a vehicle duty free into certain countries. A Carnet is valid for a maximum of one year, but can be extended under certain circumstances in some countries. The carnet is based on the UN Customs Convention 1954 and 1956 and the Convention of Temporary Admission, 1990 – the Istanbul Convention.

The carnet is issued through the international touring organisations AIT and FIA and their local agents. The carnet holder normally has to arrange an insurance indemnity or deposit guarantee to cover any potential Duty/VAT liability.  It is vital that the correct procedure of registration and customs stamping is done at each border crossing for the carnet to remain valid and to the discharge the carnet at the return of the journey. RJJ can assist you with the application and give you guidelines how to use it.