Land Transport

Whether by road or rail, RJJ Freight will arrange your cargo from door to door for journeys within the UK and mainland Europe. We will provide you with the best route, transit time and rate to match your transport requirements, and the particular demands of the cargo.


Land transport with RJJ Freight

We work with the leading road haulage and rail freight companies in the UK and Europe, ensuring that your cargo is shipped across land in the quickest, most efficient way possible. We offer a range of services, from FTL to LTL, pallet to parcel, as well as an on-demand express service for high value and time critical deliveries. Whatever type of cargo you need to ship, in whatever volume, from one crate to a full truckload, RJJ Freight will be your perfect partner for land transport. 


Transporting refrigerated or chilled produce

One of our specialised road services is transporting refrigerated and chilled produce. We offer a door to door reefer container service for food products such as chilled or frozen fish, beef and poultry. Our shipping partners use the very latest temperature controlled containers to ensure food reaches its destination in optimum condition.

Van & trailer sizes

The freight companies we work with offer a range of van and trailer sizes, with different pallet, cube and payload capacities. Payloads range from 1,600kg to 28,000kg, and vehicles can take between 6 and 26 UK standard pallets.

Pallet sizes

Pallet sizes do not have a universal standard, and terms like ISO, GMA, CHEP, Euro and UK pallets are used interchangeably for road and rail freight. Read our quick guide to pallet sizes and weights and the volume capacity of standard container sizes.


What is land freight?

Land freight is the movement of goods by road or rail from their point of origin to their final destination. Land freight services can accommodate a wide range of cargo, from hazardous chemicals to oversized or project cargo to temperature controlled perishable items. 

What does LTL mean?

LTL means ‘Less than truckload’ in road freight. This is when shippers do not have enough cargo for a full load, and pay for a certain amount of space on a truck or lorry. The rest of the available space is taken up by other customers. LTL shipments are packed into pallets and give access to other road freight services. 

What does FTL mean?

FTL means a ‘Full Truckload’ shipment. Customers pay for the use of an entire lorry, even if their cargo does not completely fill it. FTL shipments can be more direct and reduce the risk of handling errors and contamination with other goods.   


How can we help

  • Strong professional partnerships with international systems
  • Specialist storage and handling of dangerous or sensitive goods
  • A proven service with thousands of shipments for hundreds of customers per year
  • Extensive and accredited legal, financial and professional competence
  • Intimate knowledge of the practicalities of customs, duty, VAT and more
  • Guidance, advice and firm assurances that strict standards are met at every step
  • Real-time tracking of your delivery’s status and expected arrival time
  • Constant monitoring of consignments’ ongoing security
  • An end-to-end service from collection to inspection, clearance and delivery

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