Seafreight Car Shipping

If you want to ship a vehicle to or from the UK, the most economical option will probably be to ship it by sea. And if it will fit, the most secure way of shipping a vehicle is to load it into a container.

Over the years we and our agents have developed set standards to handle and secure each vehicle in a container. We complete a conditions report and take photographs of every vehicle prior to loading inside the container. As temperatures and humidity levels can vary widely during a voyage, we supply silicon bags to keep condensation to a minimum.

Once your car is safely secured inside the container we lock and seal the doors. The security seal we fix to the door ensures that no one other than authorised authorities – customs, port health etc. - has access to the container before it arrives at its destination and is unpacked.

What’s essential throughout is that all those involved in the shipment are professional, trustworthy and financially-secure. We achieve this by working with our network of vetted agents, backed by the financial security of the network.


To some destinations, a roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) service will be available. Ro-Ro vessels are designed to carry cars and other motor vehicles, caravans and various heavy equipment. The vehicles will be driven or towed on-board the vessel via a ramp by experienced and professional drives and secured to the deck in rows by straps. This method is normally cheaper than using a container due to it is less time consuming than loading vehicles into a container. If you do intend to ship personal items within the vehicle, it is best to ship the vehicle in a container or send the items separately in a groupage container. 


We and many of our international clients have used the services of RJJ for many years now and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others, we always receive a prompt, professional, and personal service.