Air Freight

RJJ Freight’s air freight and air transportation services help thousands of customers send all kinds of cargo across the world each year. Seamlessly combining with our customs brokerage services, air forwarding with RJJ Freight is fast, reliable and affordable.


Air Forwarding with RJJ Freight 

At RJJ Freight we ensure that your air freight consignment arrives when you need it. Whether your cargo is time-sensitive, perishable or priceless, it will travel safely with our trusted airline partners. Our air freight service is built on strong relationships with carriers, enabling us to offer efficient clearances and deliveries.

As a long-established International Air Transport Association (IATA) member, we assist and support a range of clients, offering priority space and highly competitive rates for express, deferred and consolidated air freight services. RJJ Freight is dedicated to providing flexibility, offering consignments of any size to any destination, and a wide choice of consignment transit times.

Air Freight

We operate air freight services from airport to airport, with express collection and delivery available at competitive rates. RJJ Freight also offers effective customs clearance complemented by packing, labelling, insurance and storage capability.

Air freight rates

Passionate about the service we offer, RJJ Freight delivers consistently competitive air freight rates with highly flexible consignment times. We ensure we’re up-to-date on customs processes and regulations to provide the most competitive prices possible.


Providing customers with fast and effective solutions, we collaborate closely with a wide network of strictly-selected partners. Our reach spans destinations from Australia and Asia to the Middle East and Europe, in addition to the USA and many others.


What is air freight?

Air freight is the process of flying goods in planes for logistics purposes. Air freight can be the fastest way to move cargo to a destination, and is a key service offered by freight forwarding companies.

What is the difference between air freight and cargo?

‘Air cargo’ and ‘air freight’ are often used interchangeably, but they don’t mean exactly the same thing. Cargo and freight can mean the goods being transported, but ‘air freight’ also describes the process of flying goods in planes within logistics networks. As in ‘let’s air freight this’. 

What are the types of air freight?

There are a number of options for customers considering air freight as a way of transporting their cargo. Consolidated shipments include cargo from different customers on the same flight; back to back or direct services give customers dedicated use of a plane’s hold for a single shipment of goods on scheduled flights; on charter services, customers have complete control over the plane’s schedule, route and cargo capacity.


How can we help

  • Strong professional partnerships with international airport systems
  • Specialist storage and handling of dangerous or sensitive goods
  • A proven service with thousands of shipments for hundreds of customers per year
  • Extensive and accredited legal, financial and professional competence
  • Intimate knowledge of the practicalities of customs, duty, VAT and more
  • Guidance, advice and firm assurances that strict standards are met at every step
  • Real-time tracking of your delivery’s status and expected arrival time
  • Constant monitoring of consignments’ ongoing security
  • An end-to-end service from collection to inspection, clearance and delivery

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