Air Freight Rates

Our team is committed to delivering the best air freight rates possible on all forms of air freight forwarding services.

At RJJ Freight, we are dedicated to utilising our global partnership network and accredited expertise to provide customers with the most competitive air freight rates and flexible consignment times. We regularly acquire priority shipping space for our clients, as well as special rates and tariffs, through our relationships with international airlines. With up-to-date knowledge of customs, compliance and regulatory standards, we also mitigate and eliminate the potential costs associated with penalties and fees from faulty air shipping processes.

How air freight rates are calculated

  • The cost of shipping an item by air is generally based on weight and, if the item is particularly oversized, its proportions, in addition to the distance from your intended shipping destination.
  • Freight forwarders like RJJ Freight benefit from being able to charge based on the weight and volume of your shipment, with cost-effective solutions always on offer.
  • Beyond these base costs, your air freight price may also include other aspects depending on the specifics of your end-to-end service, including: fuel, storage, security, handling, customs, delivery, insurance, and other ancillary costs.

Shipping by air with RJJ Freight 

As a long-established member of the IATA, we’ve supported international logistics networks and urgent, time-sensitive deliveries for clients across the UK and around the world. We possess the certificated expertise, infrastructure and partnerships to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf and deliver your items as smoothly as planned.

How we can help:

  • Sourcing the best possible rates for airlines operating in your chosen destinations
  • Providing cost-effective solutions with an exhaustive range of end-to-end air freight services
  • Quoting prices with complete transparency on extra expenses like customs brokerage fees
  • Offering detailed advice and guidance to ensure compliance and cost-savings on Duty and VAT

With our decades of experience working with all major airports across the UK and overseas, we’re able to guide you on all aspects of air freight costings. We’ll advise you on everything from relevant documentation to insurance recommendations, offering the complementary services you need – as you need them – whether that’s labelling, packaging or warehousing. Whether you’re shipping time-sensitive, hazardous or only the highest-value goods, you have our commitment to delivering only the most efficient and effective air freight solutions.

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Whether you need express, deferred, consolidated or completely bespoke air freight solutions, we’re standing by and ready to assist.