Import from Europe

If you are moving goods from countries in the European Union (EU), at RJJ Freight we can handle import consignments of any size or scope from mainland Europe into the UK. With over 50% of the UK imports coming from EU countries, this is by far the most important trade lane for UK business. Even though EU imports to the UK have the best preconditions, it can still seem overwhelming. Our experienced team has an excellent track record of supporting businesses large and small with importations of cars, clothing, white goods, machinery and all manner of foodstuffs from mainland Europe. With a pan European transport network, we offer fast and effective freight forwarding from Europe to the UK.


  • Highly competitive EU import service

Our forwarding team work tirelessly to offer the most affordable shipping rates and convenient transit times when importing from mainland Europe to the UK. With long-established partnerships at leading continental gateways such as Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Santander, Calais and Bremerhaven, we routinely ensure hassle-free imports from EU and non-EU countries into the UK..

  • Consignment of any size and scope

We can effectively transport any type of package from mainland Europe to the UK – whether you require time-sensitive shipping or delicate handling of hazardous, perishable, fragile or high-end luxury goods. We’ll ensure your consignments have all the necessary commodity codes and licensing requirements when importing from EU and non-EU countries. We do this without compromising on speed, reliability and efficiency of our operations.

  • Experts in EU trade compliance

Although for the momnet, importing goods from within the EU does not carry the same customs obligations as imports from outside the EU, our import team can still take care of all the necessary compliance issues.. From commodity codes to classify for your goods for tax purposes to VAT returns and Intrastat declarations, we’re here to keep your shipments moving freely across the border.

  • Express import service available

Our reliable pan European network of transport network enables RJJ Freight to offer express import services from mainland Europe to the UK. We’ll arrange the fastest route and the best rates to meet your time-sensitive import requirements and we will handle all necessary cross-border documentation on your behalf.

Our import services from Europe

When you’re importing from mainland Europe to the UK, your shipping options are by road sea and air. If your business has an urgent cargo delivery, or you’re looking to import large quantaties, contact us today and we’ll recommend the best way to ensure the timely and secure delivery of your consignments from mainland Europe.


We offer full load, part load, pallet and parcel services to mainland Europe via our reliable network of land transport and logistics partners. We’ll calculate the best route, transit time and rate to suit your transport requirements. Our land transport services to mainland Europe can collect and deliver food products, temperature-controlled cargo, as well as hazardous and out-of-gauge cargo.


We pride ourselves on offering flexibility and efficiency combined when shipping to and from Europe by sea. Our network of agents across major EU ports including Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Calais, Santander and Antwerp allow us to provide up-to-date information on picks ups and delivery times, customs clearance- when applicable, as well as highly competitive transit times and shipping rates.


Deliver your goods with speed by utilising RJJ Freight’s air freight services to and from mainland Europe. Our partnerships with leading UK and continental airlines ensure the fastest possible transit times. Meanwhile we use our experience to ensure total compliance of all air cargo we handle.

Get your Europe import quote with us

Our experienced import team is ready to handle your imports from mainland Europe, offering expert end-to-end supervision of time-sensitive shipments from the continent for your consignments.