Export to the Middle East

At RJJ Freight, we are dedicated to ensuring the timely and efficient transportation of goods
and services from the UK to your trading partners across the Middle East. Our experienced
staff are well aware of the Conformity Assessment Programmes that various countries in the
Middle East apply on goods that reach their borders. These must be adhered to when
exporting goods to the Middle East from the UK and our team understands the variations
and nuances of each nation’s programme to avoid unwanted hold-ups to you. We also know
how to uphold the strict import standards of nations within the Gulf Standards Association
(GSO), including well-established economies such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and
Saudi Arabia.


  • Dependable global transport network

With several decades of expertise in the trade between the UK and the Middle East, at RJJ Freight we have developed an international transport network that allows us to offer end-to-end freight forwarding from many UK ports or airports to your Middle Eastern destination. We collaborate with the leading shipping lines that serve the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, including Jebel Ali, Jeddah, Dammam, Muscat, Sohar, Kuwait, Doha, Manama, Aqaba and Khor Fakkan.

  • Consignment of any size and scope

Our team is well-versed and accredited in logistics management for all types of shipments to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other Middle Eastern markets. From power generating and industrial machinery to textiles, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, we’ll provide everything your business needs to ensure each consignment meets the import standards of your destination’s Conformity Assessment Programme or the GSO.

  • Experts in Middle Eastern import compliance

To help make freight forwarding to the Middle East as straightforward as possible, our team can ensure efficient customs clearance by preparing the necessary documentation including Letters of Credit, certificates of origin, bills of lading/airway bills – incorporating translations into Arabic for speedy processing – as well as conducting stringent pre-shipment inspections and the preparation of carnets for vehicles.

  • Industry Leading export coverage to the Middle East

At RJJ Freight, we export goods from the UK to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Jordan. Our coverage with key trading partners in the Middle East gives expanding UK businesses certainty when they need it the most.

Our export services to Middle East

When exporting to the Middle East, your transport options are by sea and air. If
your business has an urgent cargo delivery or you’re looking to export large quantities to
key Middle Eastern trading hubs, contact us today and we’ll recommend the best way to
ensure the timely and secure delivery of your consignments to the UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait and beyond.


Deliver or receive your goods by speed by utilising RJJ Freight’s air freight services to and from the Middle East. Our partnerships with leading UK and international airlines ensure the fastest possible transit times to and from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, Doha, Kuwait City, Manama and Muscat. You can rely on RJJ Freight to ensure total compliance of all air cargo we handle.


We pride ourselves on offering flexibility and efficiency combined when shipping to and from the Middle East by sea. Our network of agents across major Middle Eastern ports including Jebel Ali, Jeddah, Dammam, Muscat, Sohar, Kuwait, Doha, Manama, Aqaba and Khor Fakkan allow us to provide up-to-date information on pick-ups and delivery times, customers clearance etc as well as highly competitive transit times and shipping rates.

Get your Middle East export quote with us

Our experienced staff are ready to manage the safe and efficient export of your consignments to the Middle East. We offer end-to-end supervision of time-sensitive shipments through the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf and other Middle Eastern markets.