Export to USA

RJJ Freight is fully equipped to handle your consignments into the United States of America. Thanks to our Pan-American network of partners from the East, West and Gulf coasts, we ensure hassle-free, transparent and affordable exports to the USA from the UK. Our team offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses large and small navigate all aspects of shipping to the USA – from packaging to labelling, documentation, customs clearance and more. Put simply, we can help keep your goods moving effectively between the UK and USA all year round.




  • Customer-first freight forwarding

Our professional and customer-focused team will provide a range of convenient transit times, along with affordable rates, to ensure your exports to the USA have a positive impact on your bottom line. We collaborate with the most popular shipping lines and airlines that serve leading US gateways such as New York, Charleston, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles. This enables us to offer our customers coast-to-coast exporting in the USA.

  • Experts in US customs clearance

At RJJ Freight, we will help our customers avoid potential challenges and risks of exporting to the USA. We are familiar with all the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) policies and procedures and will assist with all of the necessary documentation and applicable taxes and fees for exported goods to the USA. With our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, you can put complete faith in RJJ Freight to understand and navigate key regulations when exporting to the US.

  • Consignment of any size and scope

Our team is well-versed and accredited in logistics management for all types of freight forwarding projects to the USA – from shipping cars, automotive and aircraft parts through to pharmaceuticals, perishables such as food and other fragile shipments. We’ll provide everything your business needs to ensure each consignment meets the import standards of the US CBP; promising reliable and efficient delivery in full compliance with US laws.

  • End-to-end fulfilment from the UK to the USA

To help make freight forwarding to the USA as straightforward as possible, our teams work with inland delivery points across America to manage the entirety of the shipping process, transporting your consignments to their final destination. At RJJ Freight, we offer a range of fulfilment services including labelling, packaging, warehousing and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your export requirements to the USA.

Our export services to USA

When exporting to USA, your main shipping options are by air or sea. If your business has an urgent project cargo delivery or you’re looking to export large quantity shipments, contact us today and we’ll recommend the best way to ensure the timely and secure delivery of your consignments to the USA.


We pride ourselves on offering flexibility and efficiency combined when shipping to and from the USA by sea. Our network of agents across major US ports such as New York, Charleston, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles/Long Beach allow us to provide up-to-date information on pick ups and delivery times, customs clearance, as well as highly competitive transit times and shipping rates.


Deliver your goods with speed by utilising RJJ Freight’s air freight services to and from the USA. Our partnerships with leading American and International airlines ensure the fastest possible transit times. Meanwhile we use our experience to ensure total compliance of all air cargo we handle.

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Our experienced freight forwarders are ready to manage your USA export projects, offering expert end-to-end supervision of time-sensitive shipments across the Atlantic.